Philine Dorenbusch


I am Philine Dorenbusch. Currently exploring the space between illustration and interactive design. Trying to make the world a little better on the way. Come in and explore!

Der Stricher

Comic Magazine

Project Management / Comic

„Der Stricher“ is an independent comic magazine started in 2017. It’s collaborative, monothematic, released bimonthly and self printed with risography.

Der Stricher Cover

Magazine Cover

Illustration / Screenprinting

Fold out Cover for „Der Stricher“ Magazine. Illustrated with an etching technique and screen printed. Edition of 100.

Dark SEAcrets

Leporello Print

Illustration / Screenprinting

A screen printed leporello (fold-out book) about marine pollution. The illustrated, endless story talks about the beauty of ocean wildlife and the harm of plastic. Printed on 7 paper colors.


Interactive Website

Concept / UX&UI / Animation

An interactive website that displays  graphic patterns and simplified rooms.  Additionally user input changes perseption of dimension and space.


Application Concept

Concept / UX&UI / Graphic Design

A data visualisation app that uses Bluetooth transferred data from an indoor navigation system. Quantitative data is shown through emotional 2D animations and graphs.

Erwin Wurm


Editorial Design / Graphic Design

An experimental Artbook concentrating on the work and life of Erwin Wurm.

Printed Hardcover 20×25, 74 Pages


Screenprint Series

Illustration / Screenprinting

A few screenprinted illustrations about the hallig „Langeneß“. It’s a colour and technique study, so each print is unique.


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